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photo-25Hold the applause. I cheated a bit, but let me try and explain.

My wife is home with the kids all day, so I try and give her the night off whenever possible. Tonight she went to meditation at our local Buddhist center, and I was left to put all 3 kids to bed – alone. If you’ve been there before, then you know that is no easy task. No blood. No tears. I’m opening my celebratory beer right now.

How did I pull it off? Two words. Baby Einstein.

  1. Turn on DVD to “repeat play”
  2. Place 7 month old in highchair
  3. Make sure he has pacifier and toys

Granted I had to rush through the stories for the 21 month old, but I made it out before the baby started to scream. Ta da! Follow this with reading to the 5 year old while simultaneously giving the baby a bottle. All were in bed before “The Office” started at 9.

Write this date on the calendar, because I’ll probably never pull this off again. Damn, there goes the baby…


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