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What makes kids laugh?

So I was sitting at the dinner table with the 3 kids the other night, and I made a sound that sent the kids into hysterical laughter. It wasn’t an unusual sound. It was something like a “Doh!” from Homer Simpson, but nowhere near as funny. Yet for some reason the kids couldn’t get enough.

Now I’m no comedian, so when something like this happens, I milk it for all it is worth. There is nothing like having a captive audience who loves your material — especially when their laughs are so damn cute.

I can remember the first time my daughter had an after school play date with her friend Cristel. I picked the then 4-year old girls up from school, and was fascinated at the jokes the girls were telling each other in the back seat.

payton_cristel“Knock, knock.” Payton said.

“Who’s there?” replied Cristel.


“Bananna who?”

“Bananna Cristel-head!”

Then they would scream with laughter. and repeat the routine all the way home.

All this got me thinking: What makes kids laugh? Why are the most inane noises and meaningless jokes so damn funny? Do they just laugh because it feels good and not really because something tickles the funny bone?


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