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The weekend started perfectly. Some great cuban food after our annual award ceremony at work. I managed to make it over the drawbridge just in time after leaving work instead of getting stuck. Got home, kissed the wife, grabbed a beer, and hopped into the pool with the kids. Ahhhhhhhh, heaven.

That was when Simon (15 mos) dropped a bomb in the pool.

Ever see Caddyshack? As the rest of the kids lept from the water screaming, I scooped up the baby and ran for the skimmer. Didn’t do much good as the cloud of crap slowly sank to the bottom. So I grabbed the chemicals and the pool vaccuum to start sanitizing, and then it happend again.

At least this time Simon had the courtesy to leave his mark on the pool deck rather than in the water, but it just added to Daddy’s clean up list.

  1. Chemicals in the pool? Check!
  2. Vaccuum up poop? Check!
  3. Hose off deck and baby? Check!

SIMON! You guessed it. Another puddle of poop on the deck. How much crap can come out of a one year old? His plan was to test the limit as he proceeded to leave yet another mark on the concrete.

All this got me thinking. As parents we put up with a lot of shit – both literally and figuratively. What is the worst you’ve had to put up with?


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